MRCA views and insights into current development in the retail industries

MRCA’s Views on Their Members’ Concerns Regarding the Current Developments in the Industry.

    MRCA recognises that it is crucial for all Malaysians to uphold the significance of respect in fostering unity, understanding and tolerance in multicultural communities.

    By the same token, MRCA does not condone any provocative action whetherverbal or otherwise, by any individual or corporation that has the capacity tointentionally or unintentionally trigger any public sentiment on sensitivematters relating to race, religion and royalty.

    As an NGO, MRCA is cognisant that the rule of law and freedom of speech are both integral part of democracy as enshrined in the Federal Constitution. Therecent issues concerning one of our members, has raised immense fear andgrave concern among retailers and restauranteurs on the possibility of fallingvictim to similar malicious public persecution tactics under the pretext offreedom of speech (even without or prior to a formal indictment in the courtof law). This harsh unprecedented action ultimately goes against the principles of natural justice. In addition, businessmen and investors are very concerned with the latest development which is perceived a negative image for business growth and sustainability factor. This in turn will affect any decision to expand or scale up their business locally and internationally.

    MRCA wishes to highlight that the treatment afforded to such retailer shall notbenefit Malaysia in the eyes of the international business community as suchnegative perception will only discourage new overseas investments cominginto the country (notwithstanding government effort to bring more FDls intoMalaysia). Regardless of the case outcome, Malaysia unfortunately stands to be the biggest loser the longer nation takes to reconcile over this issue.

    MRCA, the leading retail chain association in Malaysia, represents the interest of over 550 members of which half of them are retail and restaurant chain operators in the country.

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