Tea Garden Opening Ceremony


SEPANG, 30 JANUARY 2024 – Tea Garden, the revered Malaysian culinary brand, celebrated the grand opening of its latest gastronomic haven at Gateway@klia2 today. Officiated by the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Khairul Firdaus Akbar Khan, the latest Tea Garden outlet situated at the airport mall of KLIA Terminal 2 amplifies the significance of Tea Garden’s expansion at the gateway of Malaysia.
The ceremony unfolded in a tapestry of cultural richness, beginning with an enchanting Angklung performance. The traditional musical ensemble echoed through the halls of Gateway@klia2, setting the tone for a celebration that seamlessly blended the old-world charm with the contemporary culinary excellence of Tea Garden.
A pivotal moment ensued with the prestigious presentation of the Franchise Registration Certificate from MyFex 2.0, a government franchising initiative. Tea Garden’s chief executive officer, Tan Soo Hui announced the franchise certification achievement in her speech, symbolizing yet another milestone for the brand which can now be franchised out across the country, bringing the Tea Garden culinary experience to more people in Malaysia.
The highlight of the event, however, was the unveiling of Tea Garden’s achievements, etching its name into the prestigious Malaysia Book of Records, with two remarkable feats. Tea Garden earned recognition for the “Most Sold Baked Herbal Chickens in a Year” and the “Most Sold Hainanese Milk Tea in a Year,” solidifying its status as a culinary trailblazer and a global ambassador of Malaysian flavors.
Beyond the gastronomic celebrations, the grand opening ceremony became a cultural symphony. Local artisans engaged attendees in a vibrant showcase of traditional arts and crafts, creating an immersive experience that went beyond the palate. Decoupage and batik art sharing took center stage, providing attendees with insights into the intricate world of Malaysia’s artistic heritage.
“Tea Garden is not only committed to preserving Malaysia’s rich food culture, it also provides opportunities for local artisans to promote their traditional crafts, especially through Kraftangan Johor’s entrepreneurship program, promoting our local arts and crafts as this airport welcomes more visitors to our country, is a commendable effort,” expressed Khairul in his speech.
As the sun set on the grand opening ceremony, Tea Garden indulged its guests with a gastronomic journey through the brand’s signature dishes. From the aromatic Hainanese Chicken Rice to the flavorful Nasi Lemak, each dish served reflected Tea Garden’s commitment to preserving the authentic flavors that define Malaysian cuisine.
In conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year, food lovers get to enjoy the special Golden (Fu) Prosperity promotion until 29 February 2024. Do not miss out on a variety of delectable dishes from Baked Herbal Chicken Longevity Noodle to Golden Egg Mushroom, from its newly-launched Kuih Bakul Tart to the refreshing Sparkling Kedondong Assam Boi drink all at affordable prices. Tea Garden is also offering a chance for Malaysians to win either a grand prize of 3D figurine and RM200 cash or 3-tier pyramid tiffins worth RM119.90 by submitting a story that highlights special memories you experience with Tea Garden. Concurrently, Tea Garden is also running its ‘Spice Up Your Dragon Contest’ where lucky patrons can win a grand prize angpow worth up to RM888 with a purchase of its bottled sambal or curry paste.
Do not miss this chance as Tea Garden welcomes everyone to indulge in Malaysia’s local best.
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About Tea Garden
Tea Garden, established in 2005, is a culinary brand dedicated to building a legacy of Malaysian food culture. With over 30 outlets across Malaysia and Australia, Tea Garden specializes in authentic and genuine Malaysian cuisine, committed to preserving and sharing the rich tapestry of Malaysian culinary heritage. The brand is Halal-certified and has become a beloved companion in the lives of its customers, intertwining itself with their personal stories and the nation’s heritage.

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