PRESS CONFERENCE 新聞发布会3rd. GLOBAL CULINARY CHALLENGE MALAYSIA 第三届馬來西亞环球廚藝挑戰賽GCCM is an event to promote and share Malaysia’s culinary arts, cultures and other skills with local and international contestants. GCCM is also the only Chinese cuisine competition held in Malaysia that are recognized certified by the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS).GCCM in 2019 & 2022 were successful and received great feedback from all parties.The event was not only attracted local F&B restaurants and companies, but also attracted many F&B related parties from foreign countries. The interaction and sharing of skills between all participants were indeed beneficial to all parties. The organizer hereby expresses its sincere gratitude to all parties concerned who has contributed to the success of the whole events. Thus, organizer wish to continue organizing 3rd Global Culinary Challenge Malaysia with the intention that more parties can join the event.EVENT DATE : 2 July 2024 – 4 July 2024COMPETITION VENUE : MITEC Kuala Lumpur Malaysia AWARDS CEREMONY: 4 July 2024 MITEC 马来西亚史上首次也是唯一以中餐为主要餐饮风格的比赛并得到世界厨师协会(WACS)认证的 国际级别赛事。 -要得到世界厨师协会(WACS)认证的肯定需要符合国际餐饮烹饪的标准。从比赛项目,条规,评分准则,都必须符合国际餐饮标准。 做到公平,公正,公开。根据 WACS的标准,必须考获WACS国际评委证书的评委,才有资格为参赛选手评分。可见对参赛选手的要求非常严格高要求。 -2019 & 2022两届赛事共吸引了超过600位国内外参赛选手。观摩参观民众达1.5万人。 -首次与 COMEXPOSIUM SIAL国际美食网络西雅合作,配合国际饮食展,将带动区域餐饮商业活动,响应“昌明大马”的计划,刺激区域经商环境,推广大马旅游,饮食和文化。-预计2024赛事参赛人数可以达到400人。预计观摩参观民众达5万人。 -预计参赛国家:新加坡,台湾,香港,中国,印尼,泰国,韩国, 日本,越南,南非. SUPPORTED BY 支持单位- -WORLD ASSOCIATION OF CHEFS SOCIETIES (WACS)世界厨师联合会-MALAYSIA ASSOCIATTION OF HOTELS 马来西亚酒店协会 – PROFESSIONAL CULINAIRE ASSOCIATION OF MALAYSIA (PCA) -NEW ERA INSTITUTE OF VOCATIONAL & CONTINUING EDUCATION 新纪元技能学院-CHEF EDDIE CHOONG BAKE & CULINARY CENTRE SDN BHD 烘焙与厨艺枝术学院 -CHEF SIEW CAKE ART & CULINARY SDN BHD邵师傅国际烘焙艺术学院 – GCCM 马来西亚环球厨艺(亚洲烹饪学院联盟) -PENANG CHINESE COOKS’ ASSOCIATION 槟城厨业联合会 -HONG KONG INTERNATIONAL CULINARY ART ASSOCIATION 香港国际厨艺交流协会 -SOCIETY OF CHINESE CUISINE CHEFS (SINGAPORE)新加坡中厨协会 -BEST CHEF SHANGHAI上海优厨领域 -THE CHEF CLUB OF SINGAPORE 新加坡厨师俱乐部◾️追踪福喜堂媒體社交平台。追看热门時尚新闻资讯◾️Lifestyle News & Media Coverage by THE SOCIALISTERS www.thesocialisters.com◾️FACEBOOK [Huey Hiew] https://www.facebook.com/huey.hiew◾️FACEBOOK [ The Socialisters Media ]https://www.facebook.com/hueyhiewsocialmedia◾️FACEBOOK [ Socialisters ONLINE ]https://www.facebook.com/SocialistersONLINE◾️INSTAGRAM https://instagram.com/hueyhiew◾️TIKTOK https://www.tiktok.com/@hueyhiew◾️BLOGSPOT https://hueyhiew.blogspot.com◾️TWITTERhttps://twitter.com/veqish◾️YouTube https://www.youtube.com/@hueyhiew◾️XIAO HONG SHU 小紅书https://www.xiaohongshu.com/user/profile/6204080000000000100057d2?xhsshare。。。。。。。。。。。。FOR THOSE INTERESTED IN THE COMPETITION PLEASE CONTACT GCCM +6016-7251338#AwardsMoneyCantBuy#金錢買不到的獎狀与榮譽#hueyhiew #thesocialisters #socialmedia #lifestyle #blogger #news #media #photojournalist #gccm #culinary #chef #culinarycompetition

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