黛安芬国際联合日本永旺百貨商場举辦貴賓会員感恩日The VIP Appreciation Day event held by Triumph in collaboration with AEON Japan Department Store was a massive hit. Held at Elephant Resort Cafe One Utama Kuala Lumpur on 9th December 2023, guests were treated to complimentary gifts worth RM400. The key event highlights included the Triumph lingerie showcase, photo-taking sessions, a Xmas ornaments workshop, premium coffee, buffet lunch and beverages, and exclusive fashion styling tips from Asia well-known fashion icon and designer Gillian Hung also known as MaMa G.About Triumph:For over 135 years, Triumph has stayed the industry synonym for quality and fit. Today, the brand is striving for a world where every woman can embrace her individuality.Triumph, one of the world’s leading lingerie and underwear company with an inspiring global success story. It develops, produces and sells underwear, lingerie, sleepwear and swimwear, fusing exceptional quality in workmanship, unrivalled fit and the latest in fashionable designs. From seduction to sports and infusing super-soft comfort and seamless style, Triumph sure to have the perfect fit bra for you.擁有超過130年設計、製造及生產完美內衣的專業經驗,Triumph一直致力研發更創新的潮流內衣,體貼不同女性的需要,煥發女性最美的一面。憑藉優良的產品質素、體貼的剪裁及時尚的設計,Triumph 成為譽滿全球的優質及完美內衣典範。黛安芬,来自德国的全球知名内衣品牌,创立于1886年,已经拥有了130多年的悠久历史。她已经从一个世纪前德国南部巴登符腾堡州的Heubach市一家小小的内衣工厂发展成为总部位于瑞士Zurzach的全球最大的内衣制造商之一,拥有超过43,000名员工。业绩超过16亿美金,每年生产超过2亿件内衣产品。她正主导着世界内衣行业的发展和流行。🟥追踪福喜堂媒體社交平台。追看热门時尚新闻资讯◾️Lifestyle News & Media Coverage by THE SOCIALISTERS◾️FACEBOOK [Huey Hiew]◾️FACEBOOK [ The Socialisters Media ]◾️FACEBOOK [ Socialisters ONLINE ]◾️INSTAGRAM◾️TIKTOK◾️BLOGSPOT◾️TWITTER◾️YouTube◾️XIAO HONG SHU 小紅书。。。。。。。。。。。。#hueyhiew #thesocialisters #socialmedia #lifestyle #blogger #news #media #photojournalist #Triumph #aeon #model #fashion #MMG #mamag #lingerie #bra #itspersonal #内衣 #性感内衣 #模特兒

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