Kuala Lumpur, 12 April 2023 – Secretary-General of the Ministry of Entrepreneur and Cooperatives Development (MECD), YBhg. Dato’ Sri Suriani Binti Dato’ Ahmad officiated the announcement of VitaHealth Malaysia Sdn Bhd’s (VitaHealth) first-ever brand ambassador in 76 years – Malaysian Badminton Player Pearly Tan. The world-renowned athlete will be the face of VitaHealth, a leading health supplement brand, to empower and inspire individuals to achieve their goals and live healthy, fulfilling lives.

An Australian-owned brand, listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, VitaHealth is committed to helping people achieve optimal physical and mental wellness through its premium-quality health supplements. Being a veteran leader in the respective industry, VitaHealth caters to a worldwide demand for supplements through its diverse range of products. Moving into the second quarter of 2023, VitaHealth is in full gear to raise awareness of the importance of proper nutrition in enhancing both physical and mental health, as well as improving overall well-being and quality of life.

Born and raised in Kedah, the 23-year-old rising star is part of the Women’s Doubles Badminton Team, currently ranked 8th in the world. Keen on inspiring individuals to lead healthier lifestyles and helping them achieve their full potential toward a better quality of life, VitaHealth has chosen Pearly Tan to front its core objective of making a positive impact on society. Being an inspiration to many, Pearly will serve as an ideal role model to spearhead the subject matter and educate people on the importance of obtaining the right supplements for a more fulfilling life.

Speaking at the press conference, YBhg. Dato’ Sri Suriani said, “There are many avenues and opportunities for growth – regardless of the industry, just as Pearly Tan has demonstrated. As a national athlete, Pearly serves as an exemplary role model, inspiring younger generations to push their limits, overcome challenges, and relentlessly pursue their goals with an unbreakable spirit.”

“As such, I would like to encourage Malaysia – especially the younger generation, to be daring enough to step out of their comfort zone to nurture their skills and aim for the stars, just as Pearly Tan did through her professional badminton career. I look forward to this collaboration between VitaHealth and Pearly Tan, which I believe will inspire Malaysians to embrace a healthier lifestyle and lead more fulfilling lives.”

Ms. KS Beh, Country Head of Vita Life Sciences (Malaysia & Singapore) said, “As a national badminton player, Pearly embodies the passion, strength, and vibrant energy that our brand strives for. Her relentless determination, unwavering commitment to excellence, and megawatt smile make her an inspiration, both on and off the court. Pearly is an ideal representative of our brand’s core values of innovation, excellence, and positivity.”

​​Today also marks the official launch of VLife, a new wellness series designed to cater to the health and wellness needs of busy, on-the-go consumers. This exclusive series is now available at all Big Pharmacy outlets nationwide.

About VitaHealth

VitaHealth is a subsidiary of Vita Life Sciences Ltd., an Australian-owned healthcare company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. Established in 1947, VitaHealth is a leading healthcare establishment with a diverse range of dietary supplements sold throughout Malaysia, Singapore, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Brunei.

VitaHealth understands that health is more than physical. At the forefront of innovation, the team proactively develop new formulations that cater to the ever-evolving nutritional needs of modern life, and raising awareness through continuous education. They are providing premium-quality health supplements that cater to both physical health and mental wellness. VitaHealth has taken the lead in the market by launching both the turmeric series in 2014 and CHARGE-UP™ mental wellness series in 2021, well ahead of local trends. This year, VitaHealth launched VLife™, a wellness series designed specifically for busy, on-the-go consumers who value health and wellness.

Engaging with the up-to-date research and development efforts, it is committed to developing functional products made with clinically validated ingredients to ensure utmost efficacy. All products are manufactured in GMP-certified facilities, predominantly in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, to the highest standards of quality and integrity. Its stringent standards ensure pure and effective products that meet the regulatory standards across the different markets in the region.


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