MISS INTERNATIONAL MALAYSIA MAKES GRAND RETURN WITH FIRST-EVER ‘SEMENANJUNG EDITION’ IN SEARCH OF TOP CANDIDATES TO COMPETE AT THE NATIONAL GRAND FINALE大马半岛国际小姐选美赛发布会KUALA LUMPUR, 12 APRIL 2023 – One of the world’s earliest and most prominent world-class pageant associations – Miss International Organization has announced the return of Miss International Malaysia with the first-ever Semenanjung edition, Miss International Malaysia Semenanjung 2023 (MIMS 2023). The debut of MIMS 2023 is an initiative organized by the Miss International Organization counterpart – Miss International Malaysia organization (MIM) to showcase Malaysia’s unique and rich mix of diverse backgrounds, arts, and culture through fashion, beauty, and entertainment. Providing a modern take on pageantry to forego the preconceived ideas of traditional pageants, this year’s MIMS 2023 will include an exclusive Youtube series release that will take a deep dive into the everyday lives of the contestants’ pageant training such as fitness, catwalk, public speaking classes and many more. In addition, the series will also showcase the contestants’ patriotism, passion, and strength for a chance to be one of the top five candidates chosen to compete in the national Miss International Malaysia 2023 pageant, set to be held on 29 July 2023.Y.M Dato’ Paduka Seri Hasnizal Haji Hassan said, “As you know, Malaysia clearly displays the nature of the multi-ethnic culture, and an event like this gives a great opportunity for locals and foreigners alike to discover what Malaysia has to offer through our beauty queens. The Miss International Malaysia organization has been working hard to provide a platform that will enhance the talent, skills, and hard work of our Malaysians across the globe. This event will give an opportunity to our future beauty queens of different cultures to share, educate, and learn from one another’s experiences and showcase their respective backgrounds from all across the country.” Additionally, SunStrong Entertainment has come in as the Title Presenter for MIMS 2023 and will be bringing about various cooperation opportunities for the winner of MIMS 2023 on top of prize money and prizes worth RM27,000.Miss Kimberly Lee, State Director of Miss International Malaysia shared, “Our main objective is to create awareness and values of tourism in Malaysia. We possess natural wonders to be explored and people from diverse cultural backgrounds who are always ready to welcome visitors from around the world. We aim to introduce the famous most-visited tourist places into the pageant and showcase that on a global scale to entice visitors to come and visit our humble home and experience for themselves, what Malaysia has to offer.”Throughout the pageant period, the MIM organization and its pageant contestants will be partaking in multiple corporate social responsibilities (CSR) activities as part of their initiative to develop the social and economic growth of Malaysia’s tourism sector. Furthermore, multiple mini-competitions will be held in search of winners for their subsidiary pageant titles that will be announced at the grand finals. The MIM organization is excited to provide a platform for aspiring beauty queens to showcase their personalities, talents, and skills to the world. Future pageant contestants can expect a journey of self-development, learning, and more at this year’s Miss International Malaysia Semenanjung 2023. Aspiring beauty queens can sign up to audition for MIMS 2023 at https://forms.gle/KNrLJhYyu8VMo6AF9 (kindly see requirements below) where they will stand a chance to win cash and prizes worth up to RM27,000 including an upcoming film production deal, an ambassadorship and gym membership deal with LifenFitness and much more. Those eligible for MIMS 2023:Female, West Malaysian non-muslim citizens. Aged 18 to 28 years old as of 2023.Minimum height of 165cm.Single, never been married, divorced, or have children.Applicants must be fluent in Bahasa Malaysia or English. About Miss International MalaysiaMiss International Malaysia is a beauty pageant based in Malaysia that sends the winner to the annual Miss International pageant. The pageant was conceived in 1960 and is considered the oldest international beauty pageant in Malaysia. The winner of Miss International Malaysia will represent her country at the Miss International pageant.About SunStrong EntertainmentSunStrong Entertainment’s core business focus is investing in movie projects regardless of the platform that the movie is being released in view of the current ever-evolving times, provided it has a good value proposition and is in line with their corporate vision. SunStrong Entertainment also organizes or sponsors events that are related to the entertainment industry.马来西亚国际小姐盛大回归并首度推介‘半岛版’物色顶尖候选佳丽竞逐全国总决赛(吉隆坡12日讯) – 世界上数一数二最早成立及最负盛名的世界级选美协会 – 国际小姐组织(Miss International Organization) 已宣布大马国际小姐选美赛强势回归,并破天荒推介半岛版,即2023年度大马半岛国际小姐竞选 (MIMS 2023)。 首度登场的MIMS 2023 是国际小姐组织的本地主办单位 – 大马国家小姐组织(MIM)提出的倡议,它将通过时尚、美貌和娱乐来展现马来西亚独特又丰富的多元化背景、艺术与文化融合特色。 今年度的MIMS2023将包含一套独家的Youtube影片发布系列,它将深入探索每一位候选佳丽受训期间的日常生活点滴,例如健身、走猫步、上公众演讲课等等,通过现代化手法直击现场,让大家抛开对传统选美赛先入为主的成见。此外,该系列也将凸显候选佳丽们的爱国情操、热忱及拿手强项,以便掌握良机成为五位入围佳丽之一,进而角逐将在2023年7月29日引爆的本年度大马国际小姐全国选美大赛。Y.M 拿督巴都卡斯里 Hasnizal Haji Hassan 说道:“众所周知,马来西亚具备明显的多元族裔文化特色,诸如此类的活动将让本地人和外籍游客把握难得的良机,透过我们的参选美后发掘我国的引人入胜之处。大马国际小姐组织一直不遗余力提供一个平台,让全球各地的马来西亚子民强化她们的才华、技艺和付出的心血。这项活动将给来自不同文化背景的准美后们提供一个良机,让她们通过各自的经验分享、教育和学习, 向全国各地的受众展现她们的相关背景。” 此外,作为MIMS 2023的奖衔呈献单位,SunStrong Entertainment将致力让MIMS 2023的得奖佳丽除了赢取现金奖和总值2万7千令吉的奖品之外,还迎来跟众多商家合作的良机。大马国际小姐组织西马区董事Kimberly Lee 分享道:“我们的首要宗旨是提高人们对马来西亚旅游业的醒觉及弘扬它的价值观。我们拥有各种尚待发掘的天然资源,而来自各种不同文化背景的国民也随时准备迎接全世界的访客。我们打算把最多游客拜访的著名观光景点引进这项选美赛里,把它们推广到全球层面,以吸引游客来参观及拜访,并亲自体验我们这个小国比比皆是的好去处。”在整个选美赛期间,MIM组织及其一众候选佳丽将参与多项企业社会责任(CSR)活动,积极贡献力量促进马来西亚旅游业的社会与经济增长。另外也将举办多项迷你竞赛,让佳丽们一决高下,而这些附属奖衔的优胜者将于总决赛现场公布。 MIM组织深感振奋能够为充满抱负的准美后们提供一个平台,让她们向全世界展现各自的气质、才华与技艺。今年的2023年度大马半岛国际小姐选美赛将让候选佳丽有机会踏上一段自我成长和学习等等的充实旅程。 有意参选的准美后可登录网站 https://forms.gle/KNrLJhYyu8VMo6AF9 (请参阅下列参赛条件) 报名参加MIMS2023的试镜。参赛者将有机会赢取一份现金奖及总值高达2万7千令吉的奖品,包括未来参与电影拍摄、成为产品代言人以及LifenFitness健身中心的会员籍等丰厚惠益。 MIMS 2023的参赛资格:非穆斯林西马公民,女性。 截至2023年为止介于18岁和28岁之间身高最少165公分单身,未曾结婚、离婚或生育。参赛者必须能操流利马来语或英语 。◾️追踪福喜堂媒體社交平台。追看热门時尚新闻资讯◾️Lifestyle News & Media Coverage by THE SOCIALISTERS www.thesocialisters.com◾️FACEBOOK [Huey Hiew] https://www.facebook.com/huey.hiew◾️FACEBOOK [ The Socialisters Media ]https://www.facebook.com/hueyhiewsocialmedia◾️FACEBOOK [ Socialisters ONLINE ]https://www.facebook.com/SocialistersONLINE◾️INSTAGRAM https://instagram.com/hueyhiew◾️TIKTOK https://www.tiktok.com/@hueyhiew◾️BLOGSPOT https://hueyhiew.blogspot.com◾️TWITTERhttps://twitter.com/veqish◾️YouTube https://www.youtube.com/@hueyhiew◾️XIAO HONG SHU 小紅书https://www.xiaohongshu.com/user/profile/6204080000000000100057d2?xhsshare。。。。。。。。。。。。#hueyhiew #thesocialisters #socialmedia #lifestyle #blogger #news #media #photojournalist #missinternationalmalaysia #missinternational #missmalaysia #世界小姐 #大馬世界小姐 #beautypageant #Malaysia #Kualalumpur #tourism #models #fashion #国際小姐 #大馬囯際小姐 #選美

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