REDBOX & JBL ANNOUNCES NEW PARTNERSHIPKUALA LUMPUR, 4 JUNE 2024 — Set to elevate Malaysia’s karaoke entertainment scene, karaoke entertainment industry leader, Red Box Karaoke Malaysia (Red Box), has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Concept Associates (KL) Sdn. Bhd, Malaysia’s Sole Distributor for JBL Entertainment Malaysia.The event, held today at Red Box, The Gardens Mall, and officiated by Rosmin Hashim, Chairman of the Malaysian Recording Industry Association (RIM) and Chairman of Public Performance Malaysia (PPM), marks a significant milestone for both companies as they aim to enhance the karaoke experience and expand their market presence across Malaysia. This collaboration signifies a shared vision to provide innovative and high-quality entertainment solutions to its customers. The strategic partnership encompasses three significant highlights starting with Technological Integration. With JBL Entertainment Malaysia’s cutting-edge microphones, and speakers equipped in Red Box’s karaoke venues, this integration promises unparalleled audio experiences for karaoke enthusiasts, ensuring high-quality sound during every karaoke session.To boost brand awareness and appeal to a wider audience, the collaboration will engage in Joint Marketing Initiatives. By combining their resources and know-how, Red Box and JBL Entertainment Malaysia will develop effective marketing campaigns. Red Box primarily targets families and friends, aiming to highlight their exclusive premium karaoke experiences. These cooperative endeavors will enhance their market standing and draw more customers to their numerous karaoke venues.Lastly, with a strong focus on innovation, the partnership aims to enhance the overall Customer Experience Enhancement. By introducing new features and services, customers can expect an improved and more immersive karaoke experience with the clear, strong, and melodic tunes of their choice with the new JBL speakers provided. It is luxury in their own space, creating a better, more comfortable environment. Striving to innovate and meet customer expectations, Red Box and JBL Entertainment Malaysia are dedicated to providing their customers with the best possible karaoke experience.Hashim highlighted, “Through this collaboration, I hope that Red Box and JBL will do their best to improve the karaoke entertainment sector and the music industry as a whole. By working together, they should create campaigns and opportunities for consumers and spotlight potential Malaysian talents. ”“With the upgrade of our karaoke sound systems, AI karaoke interface, and an outstanding lineup of food and beverages, we hope that Red Box will create unforgettable memories for karaoke lovers and set a benchmark in karaoke entertainment, inspiring others in the industry to follow suit,” said Mr. Karl Khoo, Chief Executive Officer Of Red Box. Mr. Andrew Lee, Executive Director of Concept Associates (KL) Sdn Bhd, commented on the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to join hands with Red Box Karaoke Malaysia. This partnership is a perfect blend of JBL’s superior audio technology and Red Box’s expertise in the karaoke entertainment industry. Together, we will set new standards in delivering top-notch karaoke experiences to our customers.”Additionally, Red Box also announced its plans to launch its Cover Star Karaoke Competition 3.0, in the near future. The thrilling event will showcase the talent of many karaoke enthusiasts with a dream of being in the spotlight, judged by an esteemed line-up of judges on singing and personality. Furthermore, the winner of the competition will have opportunities to enter the local entertainment scene. This competition falls in line with Red Box’s initiative to support the local music industry, nurture and invest in talent, and foster partnerships with Malaysian entertainment companies.The partnership between Red Box and JBL Entertainment Malaysia marks an exciting new chapter in the entertainment industry. With a shared vision for innovation and growth, both companies are set to make a significant impact, unleashing their combined expertise and resources to drive innovation and growth.Red Box remains committed to providing top-notch karaoke experiences to visitors from all walks of life at affordable rates. Notably, Red Box’s rates start from only RM18++ per person for three hours of karaoke. Currently offering a special promotion from 1 June to 1 July 2024, guests can enjoy three hours of karaoke with unlimited beverages for just RM9.90 between 11 am and 6 pm. This promotion is available exclusively at Red Box The Curve, Red Box AEON Bukit Tinggi, Red Box Empire Shopping Gallery, Red Box 1st Avenue Penang, and Red Box Gurney Plaza Penang.About Red Box Karaoke MalaysiaRed Box Karaoke Malaysia is a renowned chain of karaoke venues offering a wide range of karaoke services and entertainment options. With a strong presence in Malaysia, Red Box Karaoke Malaysia is dedicated to delivering memorable karaoke experiences through its extensive song library and top-notch facilities. Red Box can be found throughout Klang Valley, such as Pavilion KL, The Exchange TRX, The Gardens Mall, The Curve, Empire Shopping Gallery, Aeon Bukit Tinggi, and Aeon Seremban 2. It is also available in Pulau Pinang at Gurney Plaza and 1st Avenue Mall.About JBL EntertainmentJBL Entertainment is a premier entertainment company known for its state-of-the-art audio products and solutions. With a commitment to innovation and quality, JBL Entertainment has established itself as a leader in the industry, providing exceptional sound experiences to customers worldwide.RED BOX与JBL 宣布缔结新伙伴关系(吉隆坡4日讯) — 在卡拉OK娱乐业界具领导地位的Red Box Karaoke Malaysia (下称Red Box)已同JBL Entertainment Malaysia的马来西亚独家代理商Concept Association (KL)Sdn. Bhd.签署一份谅解备忘录(MoU),势必让马来西亚的卡拉OK行业气势更上一层楼。今日于The Gardens Mall的Red Box分店引爆的活动是由马来西亚唱片业协会(RIM)主席兼Public Performance Malaysia (PPM)主席Rosmin Hashim主持。它标示着两家公司将树立一个意义重大的里程碑,毕竟双方都矢志强化卡拉OK体验并在大马各地扩展他们的市场实力。这项合作表明了双方拥有一个共同愿景,即为其顾客们提供创新及优质的娱乐方案。 是项战略伙伴关系包含三个显著亮点,首先是技术整合。随着JBL Entertainment Malaysia在Red Box各大分店安装尖端的麦克风和扬声器,这项整合承诺将带来无与伦比的音质体验,确保每一个K歌时段都能为热爱唱卡拉OK的人士提供高素质的音效。为了提高品牌知名度以及吸引更广大的受众,是项合作将涉及双方的联合行销倡议。Red Box与JBL Entertainment Malaysia通过结合彼此的资源与专业技术,将开发有效的行销运动。Red Box的首要目标是吸引顾客邀约家人或朋友结伴去唱K ,宗旨是强调他们能享有独一无二的上乘卡拉OK体验。是项合作亦将增强彼此的市场地位并吸引更多访客光顾它位于全马各地的多家分店。最后,该合作伙伴关系也高度重视革新,立意在整体上增进顾客体验。通过引进崭新的特点与服务,有了JBL所提供的新扬声器,顾客们预期将能享有经过改良及更身历其境的卡拉OK体验,歌声更加清晰、扎实,旋律更悠扬悦耳。他们可享有奢华的私密空间,投入在更完善、更舒适的环境中。Red Box与JBL Entertainment Malaysia不遗余力追求创新及满足顾客期望,全心全意尽量为顾客们提供最佳的唱K体验。Hashim 致词时强调:“透过这项合作,我希望Red Box与JBL将竭尽全力改善卡拉OK娱乐领域,并增进整个音乐产业的表现。双方的合作想必能够给消费者带来各种推广活动及创造良机,并发掘有潜质的大马新秀。”“随着我们为本身的卡拉OK音响系统升级,引进AI人工智慧卡拉OK界面,以及琳琅满目的饮食选择,我们希望Red Box将能为卡拉OK爱好者营造难忘的回忆,并为卡拉OK伴唱娱乐设定一个标杆,启发其他同行追随我们的步伐。” Red Box首席执行长Karl Khoo透露。Concept Associates (KL) Sdn Bhd执行董事Andrew Lee提及该伙伴关系时说道:”我们非常振奋能够与Red Box Karaoke Malaysia携手合作。这项伙伴关系完美融合了JBL卓越的音响技术以及Red Box在卡拉OK伴唱娱乐方面的专业技术。我们一起设定新标准,向顾客们传递至高无上的卡拉OK伴唱体验。”此外,Red Box也宣布将在近期内隆重推介Cover Star卡拉OK歌唱比赛 3.0。届时将有多位梦想成为镁光灯焦点的卡拉OK爱好者在这项精彩赛事中展露歌唱才华,而由名师组成的评审团则将针对参赛选手的歌艺与台风给予评分。优胜者更有机会进入本地娱乐圈。该歌唱比赛也符合Red Box的初衷,即支持本地乐坛发展,栽培及力捧新秀,同时与大马演艺公司共建伙伴关系。Red Box与马来西亚JBL Entertainment缔结伙伴关系,标志着我国娱乐界迈入一个振奋人心的全新篇章。两家公司皆怀有共同理想,积极追求创新与成长,它们预料将发挥重要影响力,充分善用双强出击的专业知识与资源,以驱动革新和成长。 Red Box将继续履行承诺,以相宜的收费向来自各阶层的访客提供一流的卡拉OK伴唱体验。Red Box的收费大众化,每人只须付RM18++起跳,就可以欢唱3小时的卡拉OK。从2024年6月1日至7月1日,每天上午11点至傍晚6点之间,只须付RM9.90即可享受3小时的K歌欢唱 ,并备有无限量饮料供应。此促销适用于Red Box The Curve, Red Box AEON Bukit Tinggi, Red Box Empire Shopping Gallery, Red Box 1st Avenue Penang以及Red Box Gurney Plaza Penang。#redbox #jbl #thesocialisters #hueyhiew #karaoke #singingcompetition

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