Thank you to all you road warriors who rolled into our Harley Davidson reunion gathering dinner.
Salute to Dato Sri Dr. Tan Chin Woh JP for kickin’ off a legendary reunion dinner that had us all feelin’ the wind in our hair and the camaraderie in our hearts! Your hospitality and leadership turned this event into an unforgettable journey.
Everyone’s thunderous presence and true grit turned this gathering into one helluva ride. Keep the wind at your backs and the rubber on the road, always! 🏍️🤘 哈雷重型机车老炮们大集會於福喜堂私房菜館。哈雷摩多車是全球最著名的摩多車品牌之一,以其獨特的風格和声音而聞名。


(Dinner hosted by Dato Sri Dr. Tan Chin Woh JP & Dato Helen Tan JP)

Date : 29th August 2023
Venue: Foxxytong Private Kitchen
Dress Code: Biker Outfit / HD T- Shirt

  1. Dato Sri Dr Tan Chin Woh JP✅️
  2. Dato DS Helen Kong JP✅️
  3. Huey Hiew ✅️
  4. Dr. Ting CK✅️
  5. Dr. Lim YAW TZONG ✅️
  6. Dato Ong Hui Lim ✅️
  7. FM Chin✅️
  8. Albert Chng ✅️
  9. Jack Tan ✅️
  10. Dato Peter Ng✅️
  11. Sylvester Loo✅️
  12. Datuk Wee Choo Keon✅️
  13. Adrian Hollow ✅️
  14. Thoongchai✅️
  15. CF Fong✅️
  16. Choo Kai Mun❌️
  17. Desmond Chong✅️
  18. Jason Chor✅️
  19. Willie Woon✅️
  20. Eric Sim✅️
  21. Quiney Yap✅️
  22. Steven Tan✅️
  23. Michael Chong ✅️
  24. Norty Alex ✅️
  25. Larry Yap✅️
  26. SK Lam✅️
  27. Kok ✅️
  28. Willie Holland Chai✅️
  29. Mila✅️

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